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A Practical Guide to Simplifying Your Space

Space is a beautiful thing. Yet it's often seen as something to be filled rather than something to be left alone. All that inhabits the space we live in, work in, play in - it's all visual stimuli. We're engineered to be visual people and as such, are easily distracted and consumed with the visual stimuli around us. Though we may not think something catches our attention, it does. If only for a split second, our mind is filtering through dozens of things before it can rest on the task at hand. Knick-knacks, keep sakes, gifts, crafts, junk, trash, long-forgotten memos... over time, little things begin to build up. Simplifying the space that we live in is an important step toward enjoying that space.

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10 Ways Creating Space Can Change Your Life

When we purchase a new pair of shoes or a new set of tools, we're not purchasing them with the intent of cluttering up our lives. We purchase them because—at least in the moment—we believe that they'll bring us joy, comfort, convenience or utility. All of these things are inherently good so, at first glance, why shouldn't we add them to our lives?

The problem doesn't become clear until weeks, months or years down the road when we look up and realize our lives have been overrun with clutter from our closet to our schedule. Minimalism gives us the tools we need to preemptively shut down the clutter that wants to enter our lives or get rid of clutter that's already there in an effort to provide more room.

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Simplify (Part III): a brief guide to becoming less busy.

Our time is the most precious non-renewable resource we have and yet I find myself spending a great deal of it on things that offer little meaningful return or value. At the same time, I envy those who have painted masterpieces or written novels by the time they were my age. The lopsided nature of what we wish we had time to do and what we spend the time we do have doing is quite befuddling considering the access and opportunity that we are privileged to have these days.

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