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How Big is the Story You're Telling

Everything we do tells a story. From our career, to our volunteer efforts, to the way we raise our family — it’s all a part of a narrative that is your life. And the story that we tell is largely up to us. Of course, you have circumstances that impact the way people see you, but even in those moments when you’re cast in a negative light, you have an opportunity to respond and that response, as you can imagine, tells a part of your story.

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How Pixar can help you live a story worth re-telling

Often, it's the things we do that shapes who we become. Life is both a daunting challenge as well as an exhilarating adventure. But it's so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day minutia that we forget how to add a little drama to the story. We forget about the elements of story that changes the hero for the better, drives them to do things they never dreamed of and moves the plot forward.

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Organizing Evernote: for the obsessive freaks like me

Evernote has been an invaluable tool to help me organize my life. It allows me to mind-vomit my thoughts, inspiration, lists, questions, work and more so that I can get everything out of my head.

I wrote this post explaining that process on using Evernote to help you destress, hone your focus and begin creating the best work of your life. But I wanted to go a bit further in unveiling my personal processes to help y'all understand just how customizable you can get and hopefully inspire y'all to have fun creating your own system.

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52 Blog Topics to Get You Started

When we go back to our roots - stories were how we communicated. It allowed us to show others what we understood and why we understood it instead of trying to trick them, seduce them, or force them into aligning their worldview with ours. Stories often resonate with people because it leads them to a familiar experience. Sometimes those familiar experiences are ones that tap into an old memory and bring back to life a wealth of emotion. Sometimes, however, we can tell a story that takes people back to experiences they wished they had. This is equally as powerful as we are able to give them a taste of what can be instead of what was. We can inspire, connect, explain, and resonate through story.

I have put together a list of 52 Blog Topics to give you an action plan for the next year (post once per week). These topics will allow you to Inspire, Equip, Counsel and Refer your readers, engaging them on a personal and meaningful level. Tell beautiful stories!

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Is Your Life Worth Your Time? -- Live a Great Story by Beating Mediocrity

There are too many mediocre things in life.

Too many jobs that people sort of like.
Too many vacations where people sort of have fun.
Too many significant others that people sort of love.
Too many dreams that people sort of want.

Our time is too valuable to waste on anything short of remarkable.

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Satisfaction in the Conflict

Great stories have a way of sucking you in and holding you captive at the edge of your seat. With colourful detail, they tell of treasures and quests, true love and heartbreak, heroes and villains. They introduce the most bold and daring hero, the most warm and angelic girl and the most wretched and twisted monster. A fight between good and evil worthy of dramatic scores by Hans Zimmer. A tale of romance that would make Nicholas Sparks shed a tear. And just in that moment when you think you've unraveled the story's mystery, it twists around and takes you on a new journey you weren't expecting.

Those stories... those are the ones we tell over and over again.

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The Untold Gift of Travel

I blink twice. Black silhouettes of trees blur in and out of focus; the bill of my cap gently taps the glass preventing me from smushing my nose up against the window pane. The bus continues along at a brisk pace, yet the objects outside of my window seem to be moving slowly as though part of another world. As we pass by a wind farm, I can barely make out the faint outline of hundreds of windmills dotting the landscape as they spin moonlight into gold. A strong sense of nostalgia washes over me as dozens of memories from the past two months begin to flick through my mind like those moving frames of a guy in a bowler hat riding a bicycle with an oversized front wheel. Certain frames elicit memories of home; summer-evening barbeque's, Church potlucks and movie nights with my family and one thought begins to shout above the others: it will be nice to be home.

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Why are we called to vibrant living?

I can try to convince you that vibrant living is an obligation. I can and have used reason to prove my societal and theological grounds for such a claim.

But I won't.

Perhaps it's because I'm too lazy to try to convince you... but I think its because, despite a well-reasoned argument, some people simply do not have the courage or the will to go off script. So all I can do is ask.

Will you join me?

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Choosing Our Guide

The stories with grit and substance never choose a hero who is assured a victory nor do they provide the hero with all of the answers. To do so would shortcut the beginning to the end with very little struggle in between. When it comes to story, the struggle is the engine driving the plot, motivating the characters and gripping the attention of its audience.

To relieve a story of its conflict is to rip out its heart.

However, while the author cannot write of an all-knowing, all-powerful hero, he cannot very well write of a helpless, flailing hero either. So he gives him a guide. 

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