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Do you want to "do it all" but "all" is too much?

About a year ago I was feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of things that I had promised myself that I was going to start doing and had dropped the ball on. French, coding and piano just to name a few. All noble pursuits, yet they all seemed to fall off the wagon because life just got in the way. It wasn't that I lost interest or decided they weren't worth it - I just found myself struggling to fit them all into my schedule on a consistent basis. Because of these abandoned goals I began getting pretty upset at myself. If these things were important to me, why were they constantly taking a back seat to everything else?

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The Advantages of Viewing Your Life in 4D

Any time I take a step back and assess my life, I arrive at one of two conclusions:

  1. Stress: I’m overwhelmed because I’ve been trying to balance too many things at once
  2. FOMO: I’m missing out on so many things in an effort to focus on a few important things

And I’m sure I’m not alone — FOMO (fear of missing out) and stress are two of the most common symptoms of the common (wo)man. Not surprisingly, there’s a simple solution to both: viewing your life in 4D. To view your life in 4D, you have to incorporate the dimension of time; after all, your life exists along the continuum of time, not simply in the present. Let’s take a look at each issue adding in the perspective of time and see how it changes things.

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I was so annoyed at myself...

Last weekend I attended a friend's wedding where I got to see and catch up with a lot of old friends. Of course, the classic, "how've things been going?" question inevitably started every conversation.

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Facing Anxiety (when you don't have the answers)


Even the word gives me a feeling of uneasiness. Anxiety and stress plague even the most easy-going of people, and I know it is something I have to be mindful of daily to hang onto sanity. Life is not always a walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean anxiety gets to weigh us down. For me, balancing college classes, family, graduate school planning, social life, and general responsibilities that come with being alive can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re a 20-something trying to plough through college or in your 50’s climbing the corporate ladder, all of us face decisions and situations that aren’t always easily resolvable. There’s a few things you should know if you feel like you’re breaking under the weight of worry, anxiety and stress.

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3 Steps to a Smoother Life with Evernote

As a blogger, designer, photographer, business owner, author, former student, employee, avid reader, compulsive list maker and more, sometimes my mind can get a little too cluttered and it's in those moments that I need a place to unload it all. For the past several years, Evernote has served that purpose and continues to do so incredibly well. For those that are not familiar with it, it is a digital note-taking application that syncs across all of your devices and can be used to store documents, text, audio, images, lists and more so that you always have access to your information.

In a previous post, "How to Relieve Stress and Create the Best Work of Your Life," I walked you through three steps to help you boost productivity. Those steps included unloading your brain, organizing that information and making it accessible to you at any given time.

As a follow up on those thoughts, I want to walk you through the powerful functions of Evernote and show you why I've chosen it as my tool of choice. I believe that everyone can leverage this tool to help them improve their focus, their productivity, their organization, their creativity and their timeliness.

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How to Relieve Stress & Create the Best Work of Your Life

I have been fascinated by the practices and rituals of the world's elite. Those masterminds who consistently seem to be producing extraordinary content and still find time to read 50 books a year. How do they juggle everything that they have going on without collapsing under the demands on their time and energy?

What I'm about to show you is a proven system for many individuals to help them improve their focus, produce their best work and manage their time without compromising their sanity.

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