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Life is a Series of Gaps Between the Moments of Pain

Think for a moment about every good story you’ve told. I’m willing to bet they all have one thing in common — a challenge. Whether it’s a ring that must be cast into the fires of Mount Doom or a nose-less, power-hungry wizard who must be defeated, there is always a hardship or an obstacle or a trial that makes the victory at the end seem sweeter.

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To get what you want, deserve what you want.

This evening we were recording a podcast episode with Jay Ducote, a nationally acclaimed food blogger, radio show host and culinary personality. His story starts at a desk job where he began journaling what he had for lunch each day on a Blogger site back in 2009. Seven years later, he has been on Food Network Star, MasterChef and several other networks and has grown his blog, Bite and Booze, into a media company with its hands in radio, writing, video, speaking and cooking.

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This Overlooked Skill Set Will Compound Your Success

The world is rapidly changing and, according to the Department of Labor, an estimated 65% of current students will be employed in job roles that haven't even been created yet. There's no doubt that this is a confusing time to make assumptions about which skills will be relevant 5 years after you graduate and which won't.

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Can you aim for success and still be creative?

Within the creative industry, success is the s-word. It's that thing that you're not supposed care about because it somehow taints the art if you do. No one wants to be a sell out; everyone wants to be authentic. So this new mindset arose out of the industry and every creative blog, book and TED talk will tell you that if you're authentic, you'll find success and even if you don't, well... you shouldn't be caring about it anyway so just keep doing you.

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I don't want to live a life based on decisions made by an 18 year old

Habits and routines are a fascinating way in which the mind conserves its energy and stamina. By putting certain tasks on rails, the mind can tune out and rest on autopilot. It's your body's natural way of guarding against burnout by noon. Tasks that are trivial such as driving to work, taking a shower or fixing your cup of coffee are habitualized quickly which is why you sometimes find yourself pulling up at work without remembering the drive to get there. It's muscle memory. Let's say you're on your way to work and you see a wreck up ahead and the traffic is beginning to back up pretty heavily. Your mind suddenly switches off autopilot and takes control again, recalculating the best route to work based on your familiar with the surrounding streets, how much time you have to get to work, the weather, the density of traffic and a host of other factors. The wreck gave your mind the jolt it needed to get back to work.

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10 Things to Stop Caring About

The world loves to tell us what we should care about - usually as some sort of marketing ploy, other times just to promote someone's agenda. It's far too easy to get wrapped up in these sorts of things because everyone else is - it's a herd mentality. If everyone is telling me that I should care about it... well, maybe I should!

There are certainly a large number of things worth your time and attention. Some however, just aren't worth it.

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How to Stack Your Successes to Win Big

When you find yourself becoming uninspired, stuck in a funk, or admiring your own intelligence, go sit down and have a talk with someone smarter than you.

The world is full of brilliant people doing incredible things and the chances are good that you will learn something from talking with them. Today, I was blessed to have lunch with a friend of mine who is a rare combination of brilliant and driven. He’s founded or co-founded multiple businesses and, in doing so, amassed a storehouse of knowledge across a diverse spread of industries. While I sat down to catch up and talk shop, I got up with an increased understanding of life. No shocker there. Here’s the wisdom he imparted:

Don’t win too fast.


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Taking Moonshots - the hidden benefits of doing big things

In running, I've learned, it's a mental game more than it is a physical one. Many people, despite what they convince themselves of, are in shape enough to run much further than they had in mind. Let's say, each evening, they set out to run 3 miles. A decent run to be sure. At the end of that third mile, they come in wheezing, legs cramping and head dizzy. In that moment they convince themselves that three miles is the outer stretches of their limits. They gave it all they had and still came back half-dead. However, put that person in a situation where they must run 10 miles and all of the sudden, the first three are just a warm up. It's the perspective that shapes their body's reaction to the physical limits.

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5 Pep-Talks to Help You Seize the Day

Giving a pep-talk is something of an art form. A good pep-talk will leave you speechless (or grunting manly chants) but not weak. Your mind, heart, and soul will be emblazoned with a fiery desire to do... something. Anything, really. Some days, a good pep-talk is all we need to get our blood pumping, our creative juices flowing and our gears grinding.

WARNING: viewing the following videos may result in:

  • Sprinting up a mountain
  • Investing all of your money into volatile stocks
  • Asking out that cute girl you've had your eye on
  • Threatening a bully who is more than 3x your size

These pep-talks are chicken soup for the passionate soul.
Eat up, my friend.

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12 Things to Have by Graduation

Having recently graduated college, I have an incredibly clear hindsight of what was worth my time and investment over the last four years. Here are ten things that I have found to be invaluable in making a clean transition.

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