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Do you want to "do it all" but "all" is too much?

About a year ago I was feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of things that I had promised myself that I was going to start doing and had dropped the ball on. French, coding and piano just to name a few. All noble pursuits, yet they all seemed to fall off the wagon because life just got in the way. It wasn't that I lost interest or decided they weren't worth it - I just found myself struggling to fit them all into my schedule on a consistent basis. Because of these abandoned goals I began getting pretty upset at myself. If these things were important to me, why were they constantly taking a back seat to everything else?

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The Index Card

"The Index Card" - a sleek 3x5 white card, blank on one side and ruled on the other. Fold it in half and you're looking at the perfect tool to organize your day. You have four sides to the card once it has been halved which allows you to split up your various lists while keeping them in one place.

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