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The Importance of Creating Touchstones to Lend Perspective

I was listening to Dallas Clayton (a children's book author) tell this story about when he was stuck in a traffic jam with his son. They sat bumper to bumper for a while before finally reaching the end of the traffic jam where they noticed a bunch of police cars and an ambulance crowded around a wreck. Dallas decided to turn it into a teaching moment for his son. "You see, even though it would've been easy to get upset over all of this traffic, what we didn't realize was that our situation could be a lot worse. We're stuck in traffic but we're in an air conditioned car, we're safe and we're together."

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How Planning Empowers Spontaneity

I'm a planner. Have been since college. And while I enjoyed spontaneity, it wasn't something that I purposefully embraced. In fact, it wasn't until I backpacked across 11 countries the summer after graduation that I realized how planning and spontaneity actually work together! It's an unusual concept, I know, but hear me out.

I believe that planning, in the sense that you have a good grasp on your own life, can actually empower you to embrace spontaneity without screwing up your life in the process.

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Okay, it's not a sin. But it's still stupid.

Paul, in 1 Corinthians 6, makes this assertion that some things are lawful for him to do but are not helpful. In other words, God gave him a perfectly good head on his shoulders and he needs to use it. There are some things in this world that are not wrong by moral, legal or spiritual standards but are simply unwise. As our mothers always say, "just because you can doesn't mean you should."

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I don't want to live a life based on decisions made by an 18 year old

Habits and routines are a fascinating way in which the mind conserves its energy and stamina. By putting certain tasks on rails, the mind can tune out and rest on autopilot. It's your body's natural way of guarding against burnout by noon. Tasks that are trivial such as driving to work, taking a shower or fixing your cup of coffee are habitualized quickly which is why you sometimes find yourself pulling up at work without remembering the drive to get there. It's muscle memory. Let's say you're on your way to work and you see a wreck up ahead and the traffic is beginning to back up pretty heavily. Your mind suddenly switches off autopilot and takes control again, recalculating the best route to work based on your familiar with the surrounding streets, how much time you have to get to work, the weather, the density of traffic and a host of other factors. The wreck gave your mind the jolt it needed to get back to work.

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Mistakes are not okay. Why does our culture celebrate them?

One of the most telling statements of our time is "mistakes are okay." In three words, the asinine need of our culture to be politically correct, tolerant and unoffensive is laid bare. While the intention of creating a peaceful, loving culture is rooted in a good place, statements that accept the bad along with the good are building blocks that create lazy, entitled wimps. Injustices, purposeful or otherwise, are being met with a slap on the wrist and discounted as a "learning process" when they should have been met with appropriate punishment. No... mistakes are not okay. For those who need a reminder, mistakes refer to events that were NOT supposed to take place.

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The 4 Best Commencement Speeches to Send You Out

Many of you reading this blog are recent graduates or soon-to-be graduates. But for those of you who are *ahem* familiar with the game of life, don't go away. These Commencement Addresses have both inspired and entertained me with the perfect mix of wisdom, wrapped up in humor.

You'll recognize the familiar faces of these speakers - they've become national icons and for good reason. Without further ado...

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128 Things Travel Taught Me About Life

This is a list of anecdotes, split about 50/50 between Jacob and Micah, compiled from their travels over the last two months through Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Choosing Our Guide

The stories with grit and substance never choose a hero who is assured a victory nor do they provide the hero with all of the answers. To do so would shortcut the beginning to the end with very little struggle in between. When it comes to story, the struggle is the engine driving the plot, motivating the characters and gripping the attention of its audience.

To relieve a story of its conflict is to rip out its heart.

However, while the author cannot write of an all-knowing, all-powerful hero, he cannot very well write of a helpless, flailing hero either. So he gives him a guide. 

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