Taking Your Dream by the Hand

Fanciful dreams are most often attributed to the children, the hippies and the world changers. Not the average folks. Not you and me.

"I once had some dreams... But you know how it goes. Life just happens and stuff gets in the way. I'm just being realistic."

Life happens. And we're just along for the ride, our crazy plans left standing, forsaken, at the bus stop. Why have we left them rather than taking them by the hand and dragging them along on our journey through life? Who says dreams aren't "realistic"? Isn't reality what you make it to be? Whether I choose to see my dream through or leave it stranded in my past, is my choice and my reality. I don't mean "reality" in some alternate universe and not by some "subjective truth" nonsense. Actual real life.

So I wonder. What purposeful action have you taken so that your dreams can ride along?

Lifestyle design is all about crafting a strategy to allow your lifestyle to be congruent with your dreams rather than trying to cram your dreams into your already-booked schedule.

The problem is that other things consume our money, other events compete for our time and, most of all, we're scared. Scared to take action and scared to take the first step. Here are a few ways to get you walking in the right direction:

Image by Brian Jannsen Photography

1.1. Cut superfluous expenses.

Sadly, (almost) everything costs money. And money is finite. This forces you to make painful decisions. Is your dream to have Netflix and a slightly smarter smartphone or to cliff jump into the crystal blue waters of the Fairy Pools of Scotland?

1.2. Increase your Income stream.

This could mean asking for a well-deserved raise. If that's pushing your comfort level or it's actually not well-deserved, you can also try selling those rarely-used golf clubs on eBay.

1.3. Save, save, save.

Put all of that extra dough into an account that is difficult to tap into. Then wait. You may be surprised how quickly it builds up! And that's part of the fun!

2. Plan

Google is a beautiful thing! Within minutes you can probably find out how to do the thing you've been salivating over. Research the details but don't get bogged down in this step. I'm an avid list-maker; I know how easy it is to get lost in the planning and never take action!

2.2. Resources

I have to put a plug in for Evernote (the application I am currently using to write this blog post). It is a beautiful note-taking application that allows you to pull in pictures, video, lists, audio clips, documents, spreadsheets and, of course, text. Tag each note containing details for your dream with a dream-specific Tag. Boom! All of your crucial information in one place, accessible on all of your devices (and it's free!).

2.3. Talk to People

It is absolutely amazing how willing people are to help you out if you ask them with a sincere desire to learn! Sometimes, they'll hook you up with the best deals, valuable contacts and incredible insight into your dream. Don't ever be afraid to ask.

I had to use the British Pound since I'm writing this from Scotland!

I had to use the British Pound since I'm writing this from Scotland!

3.1. Take Action!

The hardest part is taking the first step. But if you'll simply pass Go!, you'll find the first step is the most fun. It gives you a rush because the reality is... you're starting to see your dream become your reality!

3.2. Repeat

It gets easier to pursue your dreams as you see previous ones come to life! You know it's possible. And as you progress, you refine your process.

Don't give up on your dreams - take their hand.

With love and hope,
Written from Glasgow, Scotland