The TGIF Attitude Toward Work is Outdated

In agrarian societies, much of the daylight hours were spent acquiring or creating food, water, shelter or warmth — the bare necessities. You would wake up early to go hunt or gather food for the day, or cary makeshift barrels of water from the river or tend to your crops. By the days end, it was dark and what little light you had was the glow from a camp fire or torches. Very little time was spent doing something just because you loved doing it — everything was a function of survival. In fact, there probably wasn’t enough time for you to explore enough activities to find something that you truly loved anyway… so I guess they didn’t know what they were missing out on.

Essentially, a large percentage of their day was spent making sure they would see another day leaving little room to enjoy the world that they lived in.

Fast forward thousands of years and I still hear stories of people who seem to have not evolved past the agrarian way of life. From 8:00am till 5:00pm they’re doing only what is necessary to acquire food, water, shelter and warmth. That’s why “working for the weekend” is a thing and why generations of kids have grown up believing that Mondays are terrible and work is only something you do to make enough money to buy groceries and pay the mortgage.

If we sleep 8 hours a night leaving 16 hours in a day and half of that is spent at work, doesn’t it make sense that we should make every effort to find a job we enjoy? This TGIF attitude toward work is outdated. We live in a world where you can literally create opportunity for yourself instead of having to wait for it to happen to you. We live in a system where the necessities for survival don’t take 14 hours a day to acquire and we can actually spend time doing things we love. We live in a culture that embraces, encourages and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and the go-getter attitude.

So stop working for the weekend and create a workweek worth loving.