The 2 Keys to Leaving Your Legacy


Time capsules are mysterious things. It preserves a piece of time, stored away in a container. Almost like a photograph. Future people in future times have an opportunity to learn and relive it's contents. In a half-way morbid way, it's as if the creator still lives.

Let's say that you live an incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile life - if it doesn't last or have any sort of forward trajectory, what has it offered the world? In the same thread, preservation is futile without purpose.


As a Christian, I have a sense of purpose that not only overshadows any purpose that I may attribute to my life but also is the origin of any purpose that I may attribute to my life. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet experienced and accepted His grace.

I won't assume that everyone reading this is a Christian. But to an extent, the remainder of this post will require that you have some sort of faith in a higher begin who is perfectly good. Here's why: in order to define what is "good" or "right" there must be some standard. I believe that standard cannot be set by mankind (as mankind is judging themselves according to this standard) and therefore must originate from a higher being.

In a previous post, I wrote about "Purpose". But for practical purposes: 


Okay, that being said, legacy work is the work that spawns from the marriage of Preservation and Purpose. 

Have you ever wondered what contribution that person who plays video games all day is making to the world? Or how about this:

Have you ever wondered what contribution that person who works a tedious 9-5 job, plays golf with his buddies on the weekends, takes his 5 vacation days to go to Disney World once a year, and spends his paycheck paying off a car note and mortgage is making to the world?

Yikes. That's like... 80% of America or something.

What is it that you can offer the world that no one else can? Is it your rare skill set, your personality, the way you think about things, the breakthrough research you're working on, or your ability to make people laugh? Whatever it is... make it last.

Do something that will help others. Do something that will inspire future generations. Do something that will change the way the world works. Do something a little unorthodox because a point needs to be proven.

Do something that matters and leave your legacy.