The Fears of a New Blogger (Guest Blog by Alex Robertson)

Editor's Note: I met Alex at college and he immediately stood out from the crowd of sweatpants and hoodies because he had on a classy navy blue sweater over a white button-up. It was indicative of his desire for professionalism, class, and zeal for life that I later found to be so compelling in his friendship. He started a blog recently and has shared some insights on the fears and struggles of a new blogger which I have known all too personally. Please, give him your attention - Alex Robertson, everybody!

I began a blog three years ago.
But I didn't start blogging until this summer.
I was very scared to start because of so many people that have started before have failed.
Started and stop being faithful.
Or they were the crazy people who no one ever read.
Or they are so abstract that no one understands them.
I wanted to write on religious matters - but that had been done.
I wanted to write on topics that the modern church was facing - but that had been done.
So, I did just that.
I went down a road that so many before me had already tried.
I went to and set up a website, and signed up.
And after a few months, I failed.
I stopped writing.
I did exactly what I had hoped to not do.
But that's okay.
Because I decided to start again.
And I am deciding each time to start again.

So, here are a few tips from a new blogger.

1. Ask friends to guest blog for you

Your friends each have special skill sets and perspectives. They can write on things that you cannot. Asking them to write is not a way out, but a way to reach new people because they will share your blog with people you do not know. So do not fear guest bloggers.

2. Set goals

Set both realistic and unrealistic goals. Realistic goals because you know you can reach them. Unrealistic goals are ones you would have your mind blown to achieve them, but it may not ever happen. Don’t let that discourage you, because it IS possible.

One of my unrealistic goals was to guest blog for someone, and guess what, THATS WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!! Unrealistic goals are achievable! Two other unrealistic goals of mine are to write a book before I graduate (Which I am in the process of doing now), and to be the keynote pastor at a church camp. They may never happen, but they could, and that is what keeps me going.

3. Do NOT be discouraged by traffic numbers

Looking at your traffic numbers can be one of the most encouraging things after posting something on your blog. But looking at them and seeing zeros for traffic can hurt. But that doesn't mean you fail, it means you have to keep trying. That you haven’t finished yet.

4. Your posts do not have to be novels

Blog posts do not have to be long. They can be, but they can also be short. Advertising agencies use a rule when they make any kind of road sign. The average driver has 8 seconds to look at a billboard. Long blogs can be a turn off. (Hopefully no one looks at the length of this post and stops reading it, haha) But don’t confine yourself to a length.

5. Have fun with it

It isn't a job. It will take work, but this is something that you want to do, so have fun! Write what you want, not whats popular.

If you follow these simple steps, they might help you to become the blogger that you want to. But you may not. All that anyone can ask you to do is try.

I am so thankful for the opportunity that Jacob gave me when asking me to guest blog for him! If you like what I wrote today, please check out my website at!

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