"Vibrant" Doesn't Mean Perfect

Smooth sailing is a thing of daydreams. It doesn't happen. The waters will get choppy, the thunderheads will open their floodgates and lightening will strike too close for comfort. Vibrant living doesn't boast a perfect life. Vibrant living boasts a life of contentment, perseverance and joy.

Contentment is a matter of perspective which perpetuates itself. As soon as we start wishing, as soon as we start feeling discontent in our circumstances, we begin opening ourselves up to the persuasions of the world. Blinded by the shiny, enticing nature of our dreams, we stumble forward without watching our step. We see clearly as we analyze opportunity from a position of contentment - we don't have to change if change is not wholesome.

On the flip side, we can leap at good opportunities when they present themselves because we are able to balance contentment with perseverance. Perseverance is an unstoppable drive toward betterment. To harness the good things that come our way and make the most of open doors. Perseverance keeps us on our toes, creating and enjoying new experiences. Perseverance gives us the freedom to dream big and see the endless possibilities. Perseverance keeps us from stagnant mediocrity.

Finally, joy. Joy is a son to contentment as contentment fosters joy. Joy is an overwhelming peace that comes from an eternal perspective. If we know what beauty, what perfection lies ahead, the mud and ice in between doesn't look so bleak. It is this heavenly gaze that keeps us steadfast, grounded in our lives. We may find ourselves caught in a storm, dancing in the rain. That's what joy does.

Smooth sailing is a thing of daydreams.
But vibrant living is a choice.