What Legacy Will You Leave?

From time to time little men will come along to find fault with what you have done…they will go down the stream like bubbles, they will vanish; but the work you have done will remain for the ages.
— "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" by Edmund Morris

Roosevelt reinforces the notion that anything good and worth investing in is going to receive it's fair share of hatred. The only option for success is to push through despite it. We see this illustrated perfectly in the life of Christ as he preaches truth and yet is crucified by those He died saving. Anytime we work hard to help people, making others' lives easier or give back to the world something that we alone can give, we must expect to be rejected.

But this isn't a sign to stop!

It's a sign that you're doing something right. As Paul modeled for us in the Philippian jail, we should rejoice in our suffering for Christ for we are counted worthy of the Gospel. We can know for certain that we are doing something right for the Kingdom. Likewise, in our earthly endeavors, we can push forward knowing that criticism is only a part of the refining process.

I once heard an old saying,

The Lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of lambs.
— Unknown

Be a lion.

Be a king.