Why are we called to vibrant living?

Written from Cinque Terre, Italy

I can try to convince you that vibrant living is an obligation. I can and have used reason to prove my societal and theological grounds for such a claim.

But I won't.

Perhaps it's because I'm too lazy to try to convince you... but I think its because, despite a well-reasoned argument, some people simply do not have the courage or the will to go off script. So all I can do is ask.

Will you join me? Will you choose to live vibrantly?

If you will, beware:

You may get rid of half the clothes in your closet.
You may leap into the crystal-blue waters of the Fairy Pools of Scotland.
You may actually get things done.
You may give more than you take.
You may find beauty in the little things.
You may actually be productive.
You may strip religion down to nothing so you can build it back up again.
You may fail... a lot. And then get back up.
You may lose a shoe.
You may run out of excuses.
You may follow your dream.