Why should we create?

From my blog to my books, to my upcoming podcast, to my career — a majority of what I invest my time in is creating content. And then I turn a stare into the ocean of content that bombards us every day on social media, websites and apps and realize a very stark truth: if I wasn't creating this content for myself, I'd be inclined to give up.

There's so much out there that creating something original can be a daunting and difficult task to take on. What if you're creating something that's already been done better by people with more resources at their disposal? What if you're just adding to the never-ceasing din of voices all shouting that they're right? Well, those questions are fair enough. But I've come to recognize that there is tremendous value in creating even when it feels as though no body is listening.

We should create because:


...we were made to create.

Our Creator is just that... a creator. He's spoken into existence the entirety of the universe from the electrons and protons to the planets they construct. And then He created us, Mankind, to be made in His likeness. And we were given the talents and skills of creation and then placed in a world full of resources for us to mold and shape. From rhythmic music to powerful engines to fashionable clothing to delicious meals, we are made to create and when we do, it's an act of worship as we glorify our Creator through our creations.

...exploration fosters understanding.

While creative exploration may leave us with new questions, it also answers others. As we create, we learn more about the world we live in as well ourselves. What amazes me is how much I still don't understand about myself and how the act of creation helps reveal to me those hidden pieces.

...someone is listening.

Though you might think no one is watching or listening, in the age of the internet, there's always someone seeing your work. My generation is the first generation where a majority of our lives will be documented online for our children and grandchildren to see. What are leaving for them to find? Even if we feel like no one is listening today, there might be someone listening long after you're gone. Creation is an extension of yourself — your legacy for future generations.

...it's a source of joy.

There's something almost spiritual about getting lost in the process of creation. As you find your flow where you intuitively know what to do next, it feels as though a natural instinct is taking over. And the moments when you see something previously non-existent take shape at your hand, there's a rush that's full of joy.

...you can give the world something good.

Isn't that an empowering thought? YOU can give the world something good. Even when you feel overshadowed by artists of world-wide fame, no one can take that from you — YOU brought something beautiful into the world. When you look around at the destruction and ugliness that can dominate our social media feeds, it's easy to get discouraged. But you can do something about it. You can give the world a gift that no one but you can give. Something birthed out of the experiences, personality and talent in a unique combination that only YOU possess.

...that's why you should create.