The Magic of Writing it Down

A friend called me a couple of weeks ago with a lot on their mind. After explaining everything they fell silent and waited for my response. Once I had given what I hope were some encouraging thoughts on the matter, I suggested that they, "go write it all down." Being a writer themselves, they immediately understood my reasoning and promised they would do just that. Sure, there's a therapeutic element to writing something down, but beyond that, writing helps to untangle the web of confusion within our mind.

Anyone who has blogged regularly for an extended period of time will tell you that some days it isn't about writing a blog post for their audience — some days it's about writing to clear their head and their heart.

Writing is a spiritual housekeeper. Writing sets things straight, giving us a sense of our true priorities.
— Julia Cameron

In writing, you'll uncover motives that you didn't even know you had. You'll discover your true feelings that had been repressed. You'll craft solutions to your own problems and spark new ideas that change everything. You'll come to terms with painful circumstances and delight in the hidden beauty of a situation. You'll close out the tabs in your mental browser and finally rest in the peace of knowing where you stand. Writing is a medicine, an inspiration, an exercise, and a therapy. go ahead. Write.