Your move, God.

Photo Credit: Micah Webber

Photo Credit: Micah Webber

The week before Christmas was spent stretched out in a hammock, soaking up the rays, reading a book and sipping on an ice-cold Arnold Palmer. Certainly not your traditional winter, to be sure. My family and a few friends decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas for a week in which all our troubles dissipated in the 24/7 boatload (literally) of ice cream and ocean views.

Oddly enough, one of my best friends since Jr. High had planned the same trip with a mutual friend from college. Needless to say, serendipity is the coolest. She's and I, both, are in a period of transition in our lives and as we discussed our various obstacles, fears and future plans she said something that not only helped quell some of my concerns but also made a lot of sense.

"Your move, God."

You see, when our will is to glorify God in this moment, our will lines up with our Father's will. We have been promised that God will never forsake us, always desiring what is good and perfect for us even when we can't see it for ourselves. Practically, this means that the pressure is off.

Think of it this way. If you are climbing Mt. Everest and you want to take a route that is different from your guide's, you must forge your own trail at the risk of freezing, starving, falling and a host of other unfortunate fates. If, however, you decide to follow your guide as he asked you to, not only will you significantly reduce your chances of dying but you'll be able to do so with little effort on your part by simply following in your guide's footsteps (or handholds, I suppose).

When we return back to the course after discovering how precarious and lonely our route turned out to be, we aren't asked to take the guide's place or offer suggestions. Instead, we're asked to follow. "Your move, Guide. I'm right behind you."

I've always understood that if my heart is tuned in to God, I won't have to worry about tomorrow. He has promised to provide. I've even made some pretty unconventional life decisions in that vein. But sometimes, I need a wake up call. On the cruise? I needed a wake up call. Maybe by God's design (I put nothing past Him!), my friend was in the perfect position to do so.

Are you in a period of transition or faced with significant decisions? Here's your script for success: "Your move, God. I'm right behind you."

Jacob Jolibois has a habit of starting a large number of projects and is oddly enthusiastic about Disney. Ultimately, he's hoping to rid the world of mediocrity, lots of people at a time (one is too slow). Recently, he backpacked across 11 countries with Micah Webber.