Play ultimate frisbee in the snow

Climb the tallest mountain in a country

Get a tattoo

Multi-day Canoe/Kayak/Camping trip off-grid

Solo travel to another country

Have lunch with a movie star

Speak on a global stage

Start my own business

Go to Disney World AND Disney Land

See the White House

Ride a camel

Drink a pint of ale in an Irish pub

Visit St. Peter’s Basilica

Visit the Vatican

Visit the Roman Colosseum

Visit the Eiffel Tower

Visit Times Square

Visit Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Attend Mass at Westminster Abbey

Do a handstand on top of an ancient ruin

Be a dancer on a cruise ship

Dress up for a midnight premiere of a movie

See the Mona Lisa

Get my concealed carry permit

Do 10 freestanding handstand pushups

Write and publish a book

Backpack across Europe

Skinny dip in an ocean/lake

Do a muscle-up on the rings

Eat Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Get an ice cream float at Serendipity’s

See Wicked on Broadway

Fly a handstand extension

See a musical in London

Get published in a national magazine

Cliff jumping, naked

Own a house by 25

Dance all night in Madrid

Become proficient at a style of dance

NYC for New Years - don't forget the kiss

NYC Hot Dog from a street vendor

Attend a masquerade ball

Kiss under the mistletoe

Give a TED talk

Speak to an audience of 1,000+ people

Propose to the love of my life

Leave a $200 tip

Michael Buble Christmas Concert

Circumnavigate the Globe

Get my pilots license

Street bowling (bowling balls and ceramic vases as pins)

Reverse Tithe (live on 10% and give away 90%)

See a Narwhal

Shoot a flaming arrow into a can of gasoline

Eat brains

Hike (part of) the Great Wall of China

Hike the AT

Hike the PCT

See the Northern Lights

Scuba dive in a sunken ship

Drive across the US

Swim in the Pacific and Atlantic in the same day

Motorcycle in the desert

Motorcycle through Scotland

Hike a Top 10 Mountain

Meet a President

Get in the Guinness Book of World Records

Touch all four states at the four corners

Hike the Grand Canyon

Visit all 7 continents (2/7)

Drive 200 mph


Do a 90 degrees pushup

Become proficient at lock picking

Hotwire a car

Obtain duel citizenship

Walk 50 yards on my hands

Write a song

Patent something

Hop a moving train

Ice Skate in front of Rockefeller Center

Build a park

Kayak the Mississippi top to bottom


Start a fire with sticks

Escape off an island

Experience zero gravity

Learn to surf

Spend a week in silence

Learn another language

Try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robins

Scuba at the Great Barrier Reef; Queensland, Australia

Take a selfie with a llama at Machu Picchu

Crash a stranger’s wedding

Celebrate Christmas in another culture around the world

Read 1,000 books