Central Athletic Foundation


Revitalized Digital Brand

The Central Athletic Foundation (CAF) is a key player in the legendary success both on and off the court of Central State University student-athletes.

But asking for money isn't just a begging game and the foundation knows this. It's about value. Why should any alumni feel called to give to Central Athletics?

I was tasked with answering that question and then designing a visual presence to embody that answer. I built a design system based on the CSU brand standards, utilized gorgeous, full-screen imagery and told the stories of the student-athletes whose lives have been touched by the efforts of CAF.


Customized Call-to-Action

One of the first things you'll notice is the customized call-to-action in the top right corner. Each call to action ties directly into the story being told on-screen.

If we're telling a story about a student-athlete who plays men's golf, we're tapping into the viewer's mental and emotional narrative and welcoming them to be a part of that student's story.


CAF Facilities

Tying stories of student-athletes into the CAF-funded facilities is an important step in the path to giving because it proves the important role that CAF plays in those students' lives.

Through beautiful photography, we speak to the nostalgia, school pride and visual senses to draw the viewer into the vision that CAF is relentlessly pursuing.