Disclaimer: I designed this project as the Director of Digital Strategy at MESH and all work is copyrighted by MESH, LLC.


Gamifying Mobility

Kinesics is an application to help physical trainers and their clients collaborate on flexibility and mobility training.

They came to us with the challenge of gamifying the process, creating a user-friendly dashboards for trainers and clients and creating an information hub that keeps relevant information on-hand and easily accessible.



Simple from the Start

From the get-go, we wanted to make creating a client and going through their initial evaluation incredibly simple. We did so by designing a clean interface, highlighted active fields and including a progress bar.



Gamified Dashboards

After the initial evaluations, the clients can log in on their computers or mobile devices at any point to access their customized home training program, their overall performance ratings, daily streaks, training timeline, trainer contact information and more.



Dig into the Details

While the user dashboards give clients an at-a-glance perspective of their training, we wanted to provide them with the nitty-gritty details if they wanted them. The evaluation reports provide an intuitive look at their progress that can be filtered based on level of healthiness, range of motion, asymmetry or areas of the body.

These reports can easily be emailed to a physical therapist, printed out, or compared with previous evaluations to view progress.